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Important Smash Wizards Forum Rules

Discussion in 'Rules & Guides' started by Mateo, Dec 28, 2020.

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    Mar 16, 2019
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    Hello! In this thread, you will find the basic things to know as well as the rules for our forums. Please take the time to read over these so that you're familiar with them.​

    While using our forum, you are asked to abide by these forum rules. Any player that is to break one of these rules will be punished accordingly. Keep in mind that these rules can change at any given time, so make sure to check back every so often. If you have any questions, please contact a member of Staff. Any feedback is appreciated as always!​

    Smash Wizards Forum Rules

    Basic Guidelines

    • Do not make meaningless threads
      • Unless the thread has to pertain to the topic/category it falls under or it does not have any effect on the community, it is pointless Make sure threads that are made have meaning and can contribute to the community and its category.
    • Be a positive role model
      • You should try to make Smash Wizards a better server for our players. If you have an opinion on a thread that requires feedback, try to think about how you could better that idea and suggest how to make it better. If you’re going to criticize a thread, add constructive ideas to it, so you’re not hurting that player. Be honest and let the player know how you really feel about it, so they can make it better, before they submit something that has no real contribution to Smash Wizards.
    • Do not start drama or spread rumors
      • Your goal is to create a safe, positive, and a contributing community on the Smash Wizards forums. If you see players creating drama or spreading rumors, report it. When drama begins, players tend to add on to the conversation, creating a bigger mess. End the rumors/drama, before in gets bigger.
    • Do not accuse in a thread
      • When players break any of our rules, do NOT make a thread about it. Instead, go to someone who can fix the issue. You can message our Moderators and Helpers if you believe a player is breaking a rule, as well as reporting them in-game. If you believe to see a staff member breaking the rules, do not post a thread. If you see a staff member breaking the rules, go to either another Moderator or an Admin to investigate the issue.

    In this section, we go over the things that you should not do.

    This includes short, few word responses EXCESSIVELY or meaningless posts just to boost their post number on the Smash Wizards forums.

    Creating disrespectful posts/threads or sending disrespectful messages to other player. This includes any uncalled rudeness, hateful remarks, insults, negative comments, and a disrespectful attitude.

    This is when a player recreated a thread/post that an Administrator has previously locked due to an idea being answered, a problem solved, etc.

    When a player spams a thread with nonsense or with meaningless content that has no correlation to the category it falls under EXCESSIVELY in a post/thread.

    When a player makes a thread/post that does not have anything to do with the category it falls under, tricking/confusing players, spoiling books/movies, etc.

    When a player posts a thread/post with, inappropriate links, images, videos, channels, or prejudice against a player for their religion, race, gender, sexuality, political views, etc.

    When a player creates a thread or post with advertisements for other servers, websites, shops, and voice servers, etc.

    When a player’s profile has an inappropriate name, profile avatar, signature, profile information, or prejudice against a player for their religion, race, gender, sexuality, political views, etc.

    When a player spreads false or negative rumors about other players and creates threads/posts that hate on players.

    When a player discriminates against a player for their religion, race, gender, sexuality, political views, etc.

    When a player makes a joke or false application, which takes away time from our staff who read each application.

    When players make an appeal where they give false information about the incident or they give proof that has been tampered with.

    When players seriously threaten others on the website, such as death threats, hacking, DDOS, etc. This also includes encouraging suicide towards other players.
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