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Pending QoL Improvements

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Halflove, Apr 15, 2021.

  1. Halflove

    HalfloveHalflove is a Verified Member Developer

    Apr 14, 2021
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    12:16 PM
    What do you wish the thread to be titled once your suggestion has been completed?
    QoL Improvements

    Where does this suggestion take place?
    The Network

    Please tell us about your suggestion.
    Before I get started I'd like to be clear that a good portion of these suggestions are tailored to the fact that the server has a smaller playerbase at this point, and once significant growth has occured, some of these features won't be necesarry.

    "Currently Playing"
    As of now, it takes a bit of looking to see what games are currently populated, and this could really turn off new players since they will assume that no one is currently playing resulting in them leaving (because let's be honest, most MC players are very impatient to begin with). So there are a few things that can be done to fix this issue.

    - X Playing
    - These can be displayed on the NPCs in the hub so that people could, at a glance, see how many people are playing
    - This could also be displayed as a boss bar
    - This could even be displayed as an auto broadcast or on the scoreboard to the right of the screen

    "Boosted Mode"
    To be completely honest, I feel like the Scrimmage mode is the most active gamemode at the moment, and personally I just feel like it's because it the easiest mode to understand out the gates, however, this causes some players to only play that mode if they aren't asked to play any other mode. To fix this I suggest:

    - Boosted Mode
    - Every 30 mins the least populated gamemodes could be set in a "Boosted" state where, while playing, people could earn an increased amount of XP or even have a chance of rare spawns like enchanted orbs and cases to spawn more frequently

    "Player Server Incentives"
    At the moment there isn't much of an incentive to play the arcade mode on player servers which de-values the Infernal rank. Who would want to donate to that rank for little to no reward from its most unique perk? I suggest the following to fix this:

    - Arcade achievements
    - Add achievements to the arcade mode to reward players for reaching certain goals in the mode

    - Tip server host
    - Add an option for players to "tip" a host of a player server some runes every so often

    "Better Descriptions"
    In the arcade mode and capture modes I find myself rushing to read the description of a mode before it starts, most of the time resulting in me being eliminated before I've had a chance to finish reading. I suggest:

    - Pregame information hologram
    - In the pregame lobby before a game begins have a lectern or hologram that gives a brief description of what the goal of the current gamemode is so that people have enough time to read what is expected of them in that mode

    "Quest Cooldown Reduction"
    I love the current quest system because it gives me short-term goals to reach while playing which, in return, gives the server more short-term player activity resulting in more players sticking around because the gamemodes are active. However, once I'm out of quests, there isn't much to do in the short term. To fix this we can:

    - Cooldown reduction fee
    - For a specified amount of runes, players can reset all of their quests immediately so they can keep grinding quests

    - Rank cooldown reductions
    - Potentially allow donation ranks to have shorter quest cooldowns, for example; Mage, 10% quest cooldown reduction, Arcane, 20% reduction, etc...

    "Quick Play"
    Currently, it takes a bit of looking to see who's playing what, this can be solved fairly easily by:

    - Add a Quick Play NPC
    - This would basically automatically queue a player in a gamemode that others are currently queued for, if not one is queued, it would add them as a spectator to a currently played mode, if no one is playing, it would queue them in the current Boosted game mode or a random one.

    "Better Player Server Viewing"
    As of now, you wouldn't know if anyone is hosting a player server, this could be easily fixed by:

    - Add a Currently Active hologram
    - We could add a hologram or add to the current PServer hologram that displays how many player servers are currently online and how many people are in the player server mode.

    Hopefully, some of these ideas spark some interest with all of you as I feel these would really help increase player retention, especially with fresh joins.

    What is the mindset behind this suggestion?
    QoL Improvements to increase new player retention as well as add more of an incentive to play less played modes.

    Is there anything else that you would like to add?
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  2. urnotbad

    urnotbadurnotbad is a Verified Member Moderator

    Jan 3, 2021
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    2:16 PM
    Thank you for all of the great suggestions, they will definitely be looked at and some may be put into consideration for our Season 2 update :)
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  3. h8tch

    h8tchh8tch is a Verified Member Builder

    Dec 30, 2020
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    2:16 PM
    I like these suggestions. Not all of them are really applicable with our current framework, but I definitely agree we should add some more player count indicators in the hub, and descriptions in the lobby.
  4. Nadaya

    Nadaya Newbie

    Apr 1, 2021
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    8:16 PM
    Very interesting suggestions