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News Mid-Season Update #1 - Released

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Jøøls, Apr 3, 2021.

  1. Jøøls

    JøølsJøøls is a Verified Member Founder & Lead Developer

    Dec 29, 2020
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    Hey everyone!

    Following the success of our Season 1 update, we have just released a new major content update aiming to expand upon our previous work. This update aims to implement highly requested features you have suggested in our forums, as well as major new gameplay additions to Smash Wizards.

    ► Captures Game Mode
    By far the largest new addition to Smash Wizards in this update, a brand new Captures game mode!
    This game mode contains a mix of fun, exciting, and cooperative team-based capture gamemodes where two teams go head to head to complete the objective first.
    • Capture Points
      • In this spin on the classic CP game mode, both teams attempt to capture and hold all three points in order to gain score. The first team to reach 300 points wins!
    • Extraction
      • In Extraction your goal is to collect Crystals at one of the two generators located at the sides of the maps, and bring these crystals to the extraction point in the center which spawns every 45s. The first team to deposit 100 Crystals wins!
    • Infiltration
      • Infiltration sees both teams pick up separate roles. Team red attacks, team blue defends. The goal for team red is to stand on points A or B long enough to fill their bossbar, while team blue prevents them from hitting the checkpoints.
    ► Player Servers
    A long awaited feature, Player Servers allow Mystic members to host public servers of any gamemode they like, including our brand new Arcade game mode. Player servers give full control to the host and allow full map selection, game starting and stopping, and introduces many fun modifiers to play with!

    Infernal members gain the ability to create Private Player Servers, and whitelist individual users to join their server, perfect for self-hosted tournaments and events!
    • Created using the /ps command
    • Servers can be browsed at the Player Servers NPC in the lobby
    • Player Server hosts receive a powerful server manager in their hotbar (also accessed with /manager)
    • Maps and modifiers can be freely selected
    • Servers can be given a name and description
    • Anyone can join player servers, however it requires at least Mystic to host these
    ► The Arcade
    For those that like to sit back and play some fun and exciting party games, we have introduced a brand new Beta Arcade game mode, currently only accessible from Player Servers. The arcade currently features 8 unique games to play, with many more to come!
    • Many fun games to play together with friends or even strangers!
    • Currently only accessible to Player Servers (This will likely change in the future)
    ► Further changes
    • Added an Easter egg hunt (Happy Easter!)
    • Added quest skipping for runes
    • Added party warping
    • Added friend joining
    • Added craftable and findable Gadget Cases
    • Added new achievements
    • Added new statistics
    • Added new quest objectives
    • Fixed more Duels issues
    • Duplicate cosmetics now result in runes
    • Tweaked Ancient Altar prices
    • Further tweaked the leveling algorithm
      • This change may alter your level visually, however your total experience will not change nor will it change in relation to other players. This change is purely visual.
    • Fixed many smaller reported bugs and issues
    • Further improved server stability
    ► Spells & Cloaks
    • Added cloaks
      - Croak Cloak
      - Tankers Tunic
      - Mirror's Blow
      - Mantle of Venom
    • Added new Spells:
      - Dash
      - Cleansing
      - Ventus
      - Hailstorm
      - Illuminate
    • Renamed Barricade to Mantle of Fortification
    • Nerfed Vortex And Silk Wings recovery abilities
    • Slightly buffed Heal Pool
    • Summoned entities can now be punched
    • Decreased cooldown for Breeze
    • Fixed gliding exploit for Silk Wings and Vortex

    At last we'd like to thank all of you for your continued support and interest in our server. Without you, we would not have been able to make a server we're truly proud of. If you enjoy our server and our hard work, feel free to support us financially and help us grow bigger and stronger!

    All purchases made on our store directly support the future of Smash Wizards
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    Jan 31, 2021
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    Apr 1, 2021
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    Have some pancakes everyone <3
    ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ
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