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All spells/cloaks explained (that I have)

Discussion in 'Server Discussion' started by sol, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. sol

    sol Well-Known Member

    Jan 31, 2021
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    4:30 PM
    So I was going to make a video but then I realized my voice is annoying.
    (if someone wants to voice this for me pls dm me soltheduck24#7215)

    Firefly, launches a fireball at your opponent, this can be used to
    fireball jump however be careful as it causes 8% damage on direct

    Ignis, wherever the attack lands a lingering potion will spawn,
    however the lingering potion inflicts fire damage rather than a potion

    Meteorite Strike, wherever the attack lands a bunch of magma blocks
    will spawn, these magma blocks basically serve as tnt and forces the
    enemy to either move or have large amounts of damage inflicted.

    Depth Dweller, spawns 5 drowned zombies who have tridents, when the
    drowned hit an enemy they'll be rained upon by lightning, inflicting
    large amounts of damage.

    Frost Burst, wherever the attack lands a lingering potion of blindness
    will spawn, making the player mess up and giving them a harder time to
    recover from attacks.

    Breeze, launches you forwards and upwards with a short cooldown, one
    of the best spells and a heavily utilized recovery.

    Cyclone, launches an attack that blows any players away from the desired
    location, however it deals 0% damage.

    Blockade, spawns a dirt wall in front of you.

    Lightning Strike, launches an attack that on direct hit summons a rain
    of lightning near the player, dealing high damage as well as fire damage.

    Frostlin, summons a snowman who harasses the enemy player with a large
    amount of snowballs that can deal major knockback.

    Gravitas, launches an attack that launches the enemy player up by
    a large amount, and then launches them back down again, if used correctly
    can launch the player into the void or into the ceiling, on direct hit it
    inflicts levitation for a large amount of time before removing the effect.

    Necronomicon, summons 5 archers to bow down the enemy.

    Heal Pool, spawns a lingering potion of healing at your feet which also clears
    any negative effects.

    Ooze, wherever the attack lands a large amount of honey blocks will spawn,
    slowing down the opponent, this can also be used to reflect attacks as
    any attack onto the honey will bounce off.

    Poison Cloud, wherever the attack lands a lingering potion of poison will

    Arrow Barrage, acts like a shotgun but with arrows, if all of the arrows hit
    can deal 10% damage.

    Blow Dart, on direct hit inflicts the enemy with nausea and poison, works
    much like the poison cloud but isn't lingering and has a much shorter

    Grapple, allows you to grapple hook onto places making climbing walls and
    saving yourself much easier.

    Hexarifle, shoots 6 bullets in rapid succession that deal moderate damage
    (if all hit).

    Hook, on direct hit pulls a player towards you if they get hit while being
    hooked they will be critted.

    Barricade, summons 5 shields that absorb damage (you still take knockback).
    Heavenly Wind, launches you extremely high in the air.

    Mantle of fire, summons a ring of fire around you, if any players enter this
    ring they will be inflicted with fire damage for a few seconds.

    Panthers Habit, when you take damage your panthers will absorb it (it will not
    negate it, unlike barricade), once you've reached a certain threshold of
    damage you can release a powerful blow that can launch players extremely far.

    Seismic Shock, if you land from a certain distance away, any players near
    where you landed will be knocked away.

    Shadow Step, summons a clone that turns you invisible, when the clone takes
    damage or you use a spell/cloak your actual location will be revealed and
    the clone will despawn.

    Silk Wings, gives you a pair of elytras, works very well with breeze allowing
    you to fly extremely far.

    Vortex, works like silk wings but with a shorter flight time, however
    when you land you will inflict a moderate amount of damage and knockback
    to any players nearby.

    Mortem, inflicts the wither effect on aoe hit and blindness on direct hit. i dont have this one :'(

  2. OnlineMemes

    OnlineMemes Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2021
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    11:30 AM
    Crystal Rain, like Meteorite Strike, this is a high mana high damage spell that summons a thunderstorm upon your opponents. However, unlike Meteorite Strike, this spell casts the second it hits a target.
  3. Nadaya

    Nadaya Newbie

    Apr 1, 2021
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    5:30 PM
    Thank you for sharing your information about the spells that you have knowledge about, I found this super duper helpful and now know how to use the spells correctly and which one I should grind and aim to purchase from the ingame shop! Have a good day :D
    ~ Nadaya <3
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  4. OnlineMemes

    OnlineMemes Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2021
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    11:30 AM
    ok now upodate it