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News A Smash Wizards Halloween

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Mateo, Oct 2, 2021.

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    Mar 16, 2019
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    Hey all!

    Today I am happy to announce that we will be hosting a limited time Halloween Event starting on October 9th, 2021 and ending on November 1st, 2021. Below are some commonly asked questions which will explain why we are hosting this event and how it is different than the normal Smash Wizards.

    ► Why are you hosting this event?
    Ever since the closure of Smash Wizards earlier this year, we are constantly getting messages and seeing comments in the Discord asking if we can bring Smash Wizards back. Because of this, we have decided to host this limited time event during the month of October.
    ► How does this event differ from the normal Smash Wizards?
    There were a lot of improvements and features which were added for the Season 2 update which were never released, however I will not be listing them out here.

    The main changes for this event server are:
    • The online store has been removed. Instead, you can buy all of those things and more utilizing the new "Portable Shop" feature.
    • There will not be any further updates aside from bug fixes
    • We will not be keeping it online for more than a month unless this event blows up (which we all know is most-likely not going to happen)
    • Ranked FFA has been disabled
    • The ranked podiums now track the players with most Scrimmage wins
    • All spells and cloaks will be available to all
    ► What do I get for participating in this event?
    We do not plan on giving out a prize for this event. It is purely just for fun for those people that were requesting that we bring the server back.
    ► Is there any way to support Smash Wizards?
    While we have decided not to open the store, you can always support us by donating to our PayPal over at https://paypal.me/ExodiusStudios
    ► Will there be any advertising for this event?
    No, we have no intentions of running any advertisements. After our experience running Smash Wizards earlier this year, we have no intentions to invest money into a multiplayer community which consistently rejects innovative and unique ideas.

    We have made this event specifically for those that loved to play Smash Wizards and have supported us along the way. You are of course free to spread the word to anyone you know and bring your friends along to play!

    ► Has anything on the server been changed?
    This Halloween event has introduced a couple of changes
    • All spells and cloaks are available to everyone
    • Retired Ranked FFA
    • Enchanted Orbs no longer drop in game
    • Duels are available to all players
    • All Premium ranks can be purchased in game with runes
    • Added a brand new Halloween Hub
    • Added a pumpkin hunt in the lobby
    • A new hotbar shop has been introduced in which various items can be purchased
    • Minions can be ridden
    • Added new map: Coconut Bay
    • New Halloween Mask cosmetics, available to everyone!
    We can't wait to play with you once more and hope to see you online October 9th!
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