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Capture Team Mode

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Infiltration is a game composed of two different teams, the red team and the blue team. The red team rushes towards the two points located on the other side of the map and has to stand on them to gain score. While the red teams attempts to attack, the job of the blue team is to defend and knock the red team off the point. The red team needs to rush and begin capturing the points as soon as they can, as they are on a time limit. If the red team runs out of time, the blue team wins.


Every player has infinite lives. The player can die and respawn as many times and they will not be eliminated from the game, however, in this game, the player must wait 8 seconds to respawn. When the game begins, the red team will initially have 3 minutes to stand on the points and gain score. If a member of the red team is knocked off the point, their score will begin to decrease. In order to prevent their score from decreasing, the red team must gain 50 score. The red team will then hit a checkpoint and the score can no longer decrease below 50. At this time the red team will also gain additional time to continue capturing the points. This process repeats for each 50 score the red team gains. Once the red team hits 300 score, they will win. The objective of the blue team is to stop the red from hitting checkpoints to let the timer run out.


Enchanted Bottles:

Infiltration has enchanted bottles that spawn in some spots around each map. These will heal 15%, as well as all negative potion effects.


You can find cases as a rare drop in some spots around each map. These will drop a random case for the player to open, which gives you a random cosmetic.


You can find cases as a very rare drop in some spots around each map. These will drop an orb for the player to open, which gives you a random spell or cloak.

What is Infiltration?

Infiltration is best suited for those who enjoy exciting, fast-paced, gameplay. Whether you are playing on the red or blue team, it is very important to work together with your teammates to ensure you can be victorious!