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Hey everyone!

After two months of hard work we are finally ready to release Season 1: Fire & Ice! With this update we are introducing many new features and mechanics. You can view a list of the changes below.

► Ranked FFA
Introducing Ranked FFA! Our latest gamemode where you queue up against three other players and brawl out in a high intensive match without energy bottles. In ranked you gain and lose score based on your performance, allowing you to queue up with opponents near your skill level.
  • No energy bottles spawn in ranked.
  • Abandoning mid-game results in a temporary matchmaking ban.
  • The top two players gain score, while the bottom two lose score.
  • The top three leading players are displayed on the ranked podiums in the lobby.
  • Your score can be viewed in your profile
► Leagues
Leagues are an exciting new way to play together with friends and allies. Create a league and invite members to compete against other leagues in a seasonal ranking. Leagues can also participate in weekly goals in order to compete for more score.
  • Leagues are a new way to play with friends and companions.
  • Enter the League Hall in the lobby to view statistics on the top leagues, league goal, and your own league.
  • League members gain league score for playing games.
  • Leagues can pick a banner to represent the league
  • Infernal members can design a fully custom league banner!
► Smash Duels
Fight players in a head to head battle in Duels. Duels can be started by Mage members or higher, and can be accepted by anyone. The first player to win 2 out of 3 rounds wins the match!
  • Duels can be started by Mage and up
  • Anyone can accept duel requests
  • Duel requests can be disabled in /preferences...
Hey everyone!

It's been some time since I last posted a changelog as we've all been hard at work building, developing, and planning the Season 1 release for Smash Wizards. The Season 1 update will be the kick-off of many great and exciting features, including the much anticipated Ranked gamemode, community leagues, and much more!

► Network
  • Renamed Nova rank to Mystic rank
    • Further improved the rank color of Mystic
  • Dropped support for versions under 1.16 as we've found extremely few people to make use of these
    • This has allowed us to fully embrace the full extent of custom chat colors
  • All ranks now have a slightly color tinted chat
  • Added /mask command to premium ranks allowing you to equip the prefix of any lower rank
    • This prefix is visual only and does not alter your permissions, however it shows up anywhere your real rank would show up
  • Improved the animation of phasing outfits
  • Premium members can use <3 in chat as alias for the :heart: emote
► Scrimmage
  • Added a 3 second spawn protection to counter unfortunate spawns
  • Block regeneration is now disabled during deathmatch
► Discord
  • Cleaned up the Welcome and Rules channels and merged them into the Information channel
  • Improved role colors
  • Added social feed channels to reduce the clutter in the Announcements channel
  • Fixed the Premium Lounge channel's permissions being broken
  • Added emojis to the Important and Social Feed channels
  • Converted all channels that contain important information into "Announcement" channels
  • Added new server emojis
  • Updated the server banner
► Forums
  • Converted the Ideas & Feedback section to Suggestions
  • Converted Suggestions to a form
We hope you're...
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Hello and welcome to the new and improved Smash Wizards forums! Here you can find useful information such as: game descriptions, rules, guidelines, staff applications, media rank applications, and much more!

Have fun!
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